Mango Hot Sauce

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Product Description

A seasonal hot sauce mixes sweet and spicy! Made from fresh mangos, pears, garlic and cilantro.


Mango Hot Sauce is made from fresh off the tree Mangos. I get them from a tree that produces the best Mangos in the world and this year I will make as much as I can get to provide this all year long.


Additional Information


There’s plenty of flavor here. Made from fresh Mangos from a friends tree and Fresh Golden Habaneros organically grown in a local nursery. If you love Mangos and Habaneros , my Mango Hot Sauce is hard to beat. Because I use fresh Mangos from one especially delicious tree, this is a limited sauce. This year I will be looking for another tree to add so I can offer it all year long.

Best Used On

I find it tastes best on vegetables, it gives them a nice kick and adds another flavor point to the meal. Just like all of my sauces though, it’s delicious on everything.