Hal Apeno is in the kitchen and he’s cooking up some special treats for your pack.

Below are some of Hal’s favorite recipes from his Cookbook

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These are some of the recipes that will be in Hal’s Cookbook


Chipotle Cucumber Dip

Hal Apeno Poppers


“Mane” Courses
Pet Me Pizza

 Dog-gone it Chicken Sandwich

“Cali” fornia BBQ Pizza

Chasin’ the Mail Man Chicken

It’s “Dog-gone Chili” Outside

Hot Dogs in Hawaii

3 Dog Knots

Weiner Dogs in Paradise

Sausage Puppies in a Blanket

Let the Sleepy Pork BBQ

Hot Sheppard Pie

Bone In Pork and Beans

Buried Bones Ribs

Shitzu on a Shingle

Wok in the Park

Cuddle up Hot Soup

Wag Your Lobster Tails

Beggin for Beef

Laying Down Steaks

“Desserted” on the couch

Cali Ente Jello Shots

Howling at the Moon Pies

Who Ate the Apple Pie (it was Hal)

York Key Lime Pie

Once you’ve licked your plate, sit and drink a Barky Mary with Hal

Recipes from our Dog-gone Friends

Spicy Honey-Rum Kabocha & Apple Smash

From Gloria at Carolina Sauce Company

Dog-gone Good BBQ Turkey Thighs & Taters

 From Gloria at Carolina Sauce Company


Buffalo wing recipe

6 chicken legs

4 Tablespoons honey

4 Tablespoons ketchup

2-4 Tablespoons Dog-gone Pineapple Honey Hot Sauce

Put chicken in a zip lock bag. In a bowl add honey,ketchup & hot sauce  stir to blend, add sauce to chicken, zip bag and mix till coated, put in refrigerator and let marinate 1 hr., turning 2 or 3 times. Add chicken & sauce to a baking dish, bake 350f for 30 -40 min., spooning sauce over chicken as it’s baking.

From a Dog-gone fan-addict, Norine

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