All too frequently we read of sickening cases of cruelty to pets in local and national newspapers. Why is it, Hal asks, that some ‘human’ creatures inflict suffering upon other creatures that are usually smaller and defenseless? Why do they take pets into their homes only to treat them with less than respect and with a great deal of contempt?

Often the reason these animal abusers obtain a pet is the same reason that they end up treating the animal cruelly. And that reason is control.

They may not consciously think “I need something to control so I will get myself a pet”, but the fact remains that rarely do these people keep a pet just for companionship and something to love, but to have a living thing under their control.

People that deliberately hurt animals do so because it gives them a feeling of power. Perhaps these ‘people’ feel undervalued within their family, or within society. Perhaps they have an inflated sense of how much they should be valued. Hence, these sick beings take out their frustrations on helpless pets.

Sometimes the animals are taken away and sometimes these people realize how much time and money it takes to take care of a pet and they throw them away. Either way these animals end up at one of the many shelters in our community and around the country left to be taken care of by those of us that care. Many have expensive medical conditions that need to be taken care of but all of them need the basics like food, water, shelter and Love.

Many people think that shelters are given tax monaey and run by the County but the truth is that ALL of the shelters are non-profit organizations and they are short on funding. They are run mostly by volunteers and rely people like you and me to give generous contributions. That fact is, they are over crowded and under funded!!  They need our help…….

 Dog-gone Sauce Company believes in helping this crisis by contributing proceeds to Animal Shelters.

You can help every time you buy and enjoy our delicious products.

You can also click on the donate button and your generous contribution will be given an Animal Shelter to help with their costs.

PLEASE help….. together we can make a difference. Thank you


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Warning: This video is very disturbing. Watch it only if you want to see how horrible it is for some animals. We need to prevent this from ever happening again.