Ill. comptroller promoting pet adoption on website

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Ill. comptroller promoting pet adoption on websiteThe Illinois comptroller is using her state website to help find new owners for homeless dogs and cats.Read more on Journal Gazette & Times-Courier

When Pets Outlive Owners, ‘Retirement Homes’ Offer RefugeTHURSDAY, March 31 (HealthDay News) — Betty Kyle knew that after she passed away her daughters did not want to care for her menagerie of four Italian greyhounds, two donkeys, a goat and horse.Read more on HealthDay via Yahoo! News

PHOTOS: Pets of the WeekThe following animals are available for adoption from area nonprofit animal shelters and rescues. Adoption fees are required and vary from shelter to shelter. These organizations rely on donations and adoption fees to continue operating.Read more on Middletown Times Herald-Record

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  1. Donn Adel

    And even if this does work, this won’t get you that many players. There were only 7 players tagged this year, and three of them have already re-signed with their teams. The other four are Lance Briggs (very ticked off), Asante Samuel (slightly ticked off, from what I’ve read), Dwight Freeney (happy camper), and Cory Redding (I have no idea how he feels about it). So even if you got all the franchise players that were ticked off about it, that’s maybe a handful of players a year if you’re lucky, and only some of them are stars that would bring fans to your league. I don’t see how that would make much of a difference in building an 8 team league.