A Few Tips On Dog Allergies Treatment

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If you ever thought that allergies were only a human problem, then you’d be quite mistaken! Unfortunately, our pets and animals can also suffer from these problems which can be identified by excessive itching, flees, dry skin and other physical symptoms. However, don’t despair because we have some of the best dog allergies treatment that can definitely help your pet to recover.

There are many types of problems and one of the most common ones is atopy which is also referred to as inhalant allergies. This can either be a seasonal problem or an all year round type that your pet may cycle though. There are other types you should also be aware of such as contact dermatitis and food allergies.

One of the best ways of treatment is avoidance. Prevention over cure is probably one of the best ways to avoid this problem as it can be quite costly to treat. Some of the allergens that usually trigger attacks are house dust, pollen, mold and dust mites. If you have these present in your house, it is best to treat the cause of them not only for your dog but also for yourself and family. These same substances also trigger allergies in humans, so you will be doing your pet and yourself a huge favor.

Taking care of your yard is another way to reduce the effect of pollen on your dog or pets. You should definitely try to keep the grass very low and remove any large bushes or flowers. You can also bathe your pet after every play session which will help prevent any negative reactions.

However, if preventative measures are not enough then you can definitely look at some natural or over the counter solutions. One such solution would be to use topical medication or therapy. These usually come in the form of special shampoos or anti itch solutions. All you have to do is read the instructions given and apply them as on the label. This can provide immediate relief to your animal but it is often short-lived.

If the shampoos and topical medications are not giving you the results you want, then you could try antihistamines. Antihistamines have a long medical history and have been used for many years to treat allergies in both humans and animals. Currently, the success rate is 30% for dogs and 70% for cats which increases if you also use fatty acids with this treatment.

If the antihistamines don’t work, then your next best option is to try steroids. This is quite a controversial treatment and has many positive and negative effects. Before deciding to use steroids it is essential that you only do so after seeking the advice and recommendation from a medical professional. This is almost a last resort treatment especially if the allergies are extremely severe. If your pet has very bad itching, coughing and pain, then steroids will definitely eliminate them. However, even though this treatment is very powerful and effective, there are numerous short term and long term negative effects. Steroids are actually a very addictive and harmful substance that is very easy to over abuse.

We just covered some of the best dog allergies treatment options that will no doubt help your pet to recover from any allergy problems. Just remember to always take precautions and seek the advice of a health professional before administering any medication.

Jennifer is a pet health practitioner who specializes in treatment for hot spots in dogs.

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