How Many Varieties Of Cat Litter Boxes Do You Know About

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In recent years litter boxes have become available in a wide variety of styles. Cat boxes used to be a simple square shaped box with kitty litter dumped into it but not anymore. These days however you can choose from various shapes and styles as well as standard and self cleaning units too. Whether you, as well as your cat, prefers something simple or you want a high tech model, it’s best to shop around and find out what your options are. The factors below will help you in choosing the litter box that’s right for you.

Size is often the most important feature of any litter box. Many cat owners run into problems because the litter box they choose is too small for their cat. If you choose a box that’s too small your cat is likely not to use it because they are not comfortable in it. Of course cats come in all sizes so your litter box needs to be large enough to fit your cats needs. Make sure your cat can stand comfortably at full height in the litter box you choose. So regardless of the style you choose make sure it’s the right size for your cat.

One of the most advanced self cleaning litter boxes on the market today is the Litter Robot. This is an automated litter box that places wastes into a drawer that holds it for several days in a way that reduces odors to a minimum. If you have several cats you’ll need to change out the drawer bag every day otherwise you can wait a few days for a single cat.

Not like other self cleaning models there aren’t any parts that might jam or clog like rakes or chemical cartridges to change out. If you try this system you’ll be happy with it but be aware it isn’t cheap with a cost around 300 bucks.

Many cat owners have two or more cats and wonder how many litter boxes they need. This depends on several factors like how many cats you have, how well they get along, and what they’re used to. It’s generally a good idea to have a separate litter box for each cat, but there are cats that don’t mind sharing a box. You may find that each of your cats prefer a different type of box. You may have one cat that prefers a covered box and another that prefers an open one. It’s best to find an arrangement that works and stay with it, as cats don’t like to make frequent changes. As you can see from this information there are a multitude of options in litter boxes that blow the traditional box out of the running. You don’t have to lose functionality to have a litter box that goes well with your homes decor. The more advanced units are automatic, if you’re someone who really hates cleaning out litter boxes. Of course, the more features you want, the more it will cost you, so you have to decide what type of cat litter box fits your budget as well as your needs and those of your pets.

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