Dog Illness Symptoms

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The owners of any dog should always be monitoring their dog’s health, because our four legged friends can pick something up from another animal, and without the dog illness symptoms to check for, it may go unnoticed. It would be nice if they were able to speak to us about it, but no such luck, so keep an eye out for any trouble.

Look for these symptoms dog illness to determine if you think your canine has a problem:

Rate of their heart
Rate of their respitory system
What is their temperature

An easy way to get the heart rate is by placing your hand on the inside of their back leg or over their heart, so you can measure their pulse. A normal pulse for a canine is when their heart beats between 60 – 160 times per minute.

A canine’s temperature is best determined by using a digital thermometer. If you want to check their respitory rate, then moisten one of your fingers and place it by their nose. You can then feel when they exhale. The average respitory rate is between 10 – 30 breaths per minute. You can also put your hand on their chest and count the number of times the chest is inflated per minute.

The first thing to keep an eye on is their weight as it is one of the dog illness symptoms. Are they gaining weight even though they are not eating as much ? Or have they lost weight and are still eating the same amount of food ?

Keep an eye on their appetite, excluding if it is really hot outside, or if they have just been put on some new medication, because if their appetite decreases this could be a dog illness signs symptoms. If they have not eaten in two days then call your vet because this most likely is one of the dog illnesses symptoms.

Normally our canines will vomit occasionally because they ingested someting they should not have, so you can sometimes see them eating grass so they can purge what is troubling them. This case is not typically one of the dog illnesses symptoms. You should however take your dog to a vet if they vomit frequently, as this is probably one of the dog illness signs and symptoms.

If your dog is having more accidents than normal than it might be a symptoms dog illness because they are probably drinking more water than usual. If it is not real warm outside then they might have dog illness signs symptoms of kidney disease or diabetes. If this is the case then call your vet to find out if there is anything wrong.

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