How Good Is An Avocado For Your Dog(2)

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Most dogs love avocados. Unfortunately, the avocaods rarely love them back. That’s because they’re just a waxy-shelled fruit and are terrible with emotional intimacy. But they do taste great and are an excellent source of fat. Fat provides dogs with extra energy and gives them healthy skin and an extra glow in their coat.

A group of avocado growers in California noticed that their dogs were always competing for fallen fruit. They were eating the avocados eagerly. This behavior sparked the curiosity of the farmers and they were inspired to compare the nutrients of avocados with a canine’s nutritional requirements.

For healthy hair and skin tone, dogs need some fatty acids. The avocado is a rich source of an important fatty acid called Linoeic and this is what makes it good for your dog.

Dogs need to get their nutrients from a variety of foods but if they need more fat in their diet, avocados would make a good supplement, if given in small quantities.

A dog’s lifestyle will determine the amount of fat he needs in his diet. The typical house dog would only need about five to eight percent fat, while a herding dog working in the farm would need as much as twenty percent. Pregnant and nursing dogs need higher amounts of fat in her diet too.

Most commercially available canned dog food contain enough amounts of fat to satisfy the need of an average household dog. Dogs on a strict dry meal diet need to be given additional sources of fat.

Being an excellent source of fat, avocados could be added to a dog’s diet to add variety. Dogs enjoy eating the soft, green fruit and it’s good for them too. Give your dog the flesh of the avocado but discard the pit and skin as these can cause him harm.

There have been reports of dogs, as well as other animals, being severely harmed after eating parts of the avocado other than the meat. When adding avocado to your dog’s diet, avoid the skin, pit, and bark of the avocado tree .

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