Yorkies: Lovely Dogs With Particular Character

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If there in your house lives a raising little Yorkie, be sure you are gaining a priceless experience. But it doesn`t matter which kind of dog breed you have at home since you must be always aware of what to expect from your pet. And Yorkshire terriers are absolutely special gods with sometimes difficult character.

This little review will give you some useful facts concerning Yorkies. Yorkshire terriers are very fashionable pets nowadays. They have the second place yielding solely to the Labrador retriever breed. Nevertheless, if you are acquainted with somebody who owns a Yorkie, they definitely posses not just one doggie, but two or even three.

Yorkshire terriers descend from Yorkshire as it is easy to understand. This is a heavy-going area in the north of England. Yorkies were bred with a special goal: locals used these doggies so as they exterminate little vermin like mice and rats. Time passed and women paid their attention to Yorkies and made them their apartment dogs. It became even trendy to carry them around.

By physical characteristics Yorkies are small dogs with lots of hair which has usually brown or black colour with tan elements. Though, their coat is pretty thin and there is no undercoat. This characteristic makes them perfect for house life, but in winter it is necessary to provide some clothes for winter walks.

What can we say about their character? Yorkies are clever pets; they are good learners when it comes to simple instructions. They will comprehend commands like `sit`, `stay`, `fetch` only in a couple of lessons. But these little dogs are tending to believe that they are giant and physically powerful dogs and can with ease defeat any huge dog. That`s why they tend to bark loudly when somebody comes to visit you. Generally they love the family they live in, but there must be a dominant person so that they understand who their master is. At certain times they will require some privacy.

Today many people are fond of pets, especially dogs. And quite a number of them would like to have a Yorkie. If you face any difficulties with getting one, look for Yorkie puppies in the Internet – no doubt you will find lots of Yorkie puppies offers. It is much faster and convenient and can even save you some money.

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