How to Make a Christmas Outfit for Your Dog

If you are like most people, then you probably treat your pets just like they are your children. During the Christmas season, many dog owners also enjoy celebrating the festivities with their pets. By making your dog a snazzy Christmas outfit, you can ensure that your favorite pooch can delight everyone it encounters during the holiday season.

1. Look through your dresser drawers and find an old sock, leg warmer, or tube top that can fit your dog’s body. Since many dogs don’t feel comfortable in clothing that their arms and legs must go through, look for something that just fits around its midsection.

2. Next, visit your favorite fabric shop, and browse through the aisles until you find a fabric that you like and want your dog to wear for its Christmas outfit. You may want to choose styles such as poinsettias, elves, or red suede material that will look lovely on your dog.

3. Sew the fabric around the old sock, leg warmer or tube top and you have just created the new outfit.

4. Accent the Christmas outfit with a fancy collar such as fake pearls for a female dog or perhaps a dark-red or green bow for a male dog.

5. Take your pet along to some dog-friendly Christmas events and parade it around to show off its holiday spirit and the new Christmas outfit.

Tips and Warnings
Tie a red suede cape around your dog’s neck instead of the old sock, leg warmer, or tube top if you think your dog would be more comfortable in that.
Avoid putting bells around the dog’s neck. Bells may irritate your dog’s ears because it’s not used to the constant noise.

Enjoy your pets,

Jeff Schmidt