Animals Get the Blues Too’ blues project a worthy cause

“Some people tie dogs up without water in their bowl, Refuse to feed them and leave them out in the cold.”

“Please don’t hurt the animals.  You know, a dog can be a great best friend.”

“I said, please don’t hurt the animals, And they’ll love you ‘til the end.”—“Please Don’t Hurt The Animals” by the Roger Osbourne Blues Band, written by Frank-O Johnson

Thus begins “Please Don’t Hurt the Animals,” one of 10 tracks on an excellent new blues CD by Roger “Rozzy” Osborne. “Animals Get the Blues Too” is a labor of love created by Roger and his friends, including Frank-O “Smooth” Johnson and Michael Patterson.

It’s a sad reflection on our society today to think that tens of thousands of animals a year are cruelly mistreated and killed by unfeeling people, and Roger, Frank-O and Michael have teamed up to raise awareness of this situation and to offer advice by way of their songs.

Roger and his wife Donna have been avid human society supporters since the early 1990s when Donna was volunteering at the Humane Society of Broward County (HSBC) in Florida. The Osborne’s adopted a dog named Murray, which had been rescued from a bad situation in Miami. For 10 years, Murray and Roger took part in the Walk for the Animals project at the HSBC, winning several fund-raiser awards and raising more than $91,000.

Roger now has partnered with the South Florida Blues Society, Pet Planet Magazine, Clermont Equestr ian, Brooksville Equestrian, Mary 4, and the HSBC to produce this CD and raise even more money for the Humane Society.

The singers and songwriters on the CD include Rozzy Osborne, Grammy nominee Johnson (who has written songs for The Supremes, the Temptations, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles), and Patterson.

Most of the money made by the sale of this CD benefits the Humane Society and I would strongly urge readers to support this worthy cause and help stop the cruelty. You can get the CD at Roger’s site at or at several other websites such as Cdbaby and Amazon. As Frank-O sings in the very touching title track:

“They need love just like you do.

“Their unconditional love is always there for you.

“They feel sorrow, and they feel blue,

“And that’s because animals, they get the blues too….

“If you could only see the pain in their eyes,

“It’s so sad it will make you cry.”


This is part of the February 2, 2011 online edition of Frost Illustrated.

By Bob Hunter
Special to Frost Illustrated

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