Dog-gone Sauce is Chosen by Bentley School of Business for Class Project

9-14-2011 The President of Dog-gone Sauce Company, Jeff Schmidt, visited Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts today to introduce the company to the 50 students learning how businesses operate. Dog-gone Sauce was chosen last month as the company that the class will study in their business program. The students will be divided into 10 groups that will be competing to develop the best business and marketing plan using Dog-gone Sauce Company. In December, one team will be chosen to receive an award for creating the best business plan. In the past the program has studied many types of businesses from small start-up companies to large Fortune 500 Corporations.

When Jeff was giving his presentation of the Dog-gone Sauce Company, the students were captivated by the concept of the company. The students were excited to learn about how Dog-gone Sauce produces gourmet sauces and that the proceeds are given to help animals. Their delicious Chipotle Hot Sauce emphasizes the flavor of smoked peppers as they are surrounded by garlic and many spices. The BBQ Sauce is best described as Smokey Sweet with a touch of heat. The third sauce, a Pineapple Honey Hot Sauce, was introduced into the product line 2 months ago and quickly became their number one seller. “We almost ran out in a few weeks and had to put a rush on another batch. We were very surprised” Schmidt said.  After the presentation was done, the students were scheduled for half an our to ask Jeff any questions they wanted to help them with their research. You could feel the excitement growing in the room as they learned about the passion that he has for animals and where he sees the company growing in the next few years. The students started out with a few hands rising to ask questions and quickly the enthusiasm grew to times when about fifteen students were trying to get in the next question. “Wow, it seemed like half the class had their hand up at one moment”Jeff said after the class ended. “I could tell that they were seeing my vision and realizing my passion for what we are doing”. The questions could have gone on for the rest of the night but the Professor had to stop them after more than an hour. They learned that dogs and cats are abandoned on the streets, droppedoff at shelters at an alarming rate and thousands are euthanized every day. “Most people think that shelters and rescues receive funding from taxes but the
reality is that they rely entirely on donations” said Schmidt. The students quickly became enrolled into what inspired the creation of Dog-gone Sauce and at the end of the night were heard telling him how excited they were to be involved and that they were going to be “rocking this project”.  The excitement of the group is going help make this company a huge success. Jeff encourages everyone to “give yourself a treat” and you will be making a difference in many pet’s life’s. Dog-gone Sauce is a great sauce with a great cause that can be found online at and is sold in a few small stores in Florida. They are in contact with a distributor to sell locally and will be starting to look for National exposure sometime in 2012.

Founded 1917 by Harry C. Bentley as a school of accounting and finance, Bentley University is ranked among the top undergraduate business programs in the nation by BusinessWeek.