Tree surgeon involved in pet rescue

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Tree surgeon involved in pet rescue

Tree surgeons in Cambridge and elsewhere perform a range of tasks and their expertise is often called upon. However, along with tree surgeons in London and other towns and cities around the country, they are generally more adept at dealing with trees than they are at handling animals.

However, one such expert recently had to combine both skills in order to complete the rescue of a family pet, the North Wiltshire and Kennet Gazette & Herald reports.

Kurt and Sharon Tanin recently discovered that their cat Percy was missing. They subsequently realised he was at the top of a 40-foot tree. Initially, they called the fire brigade and the RSPCA, which exists to protect animals from cruelty and has been in existence since 1824.

However, none of the experts called out were able to help.

Ms Tanin said: “In the end, we had to hire a tree surgeon to rescue him. The RSPCA felt it would be too dangerous for them to get him as the tree was at the bottom of an embankment next to electric cables.

“They basically said to us that we should prepare for the worst. My little boy was absolutely distraught, it’s his cat really. The only thing we could think to do next was to contact a tree surgeon.”

The man they called was Mike Holmes, who Ms Tanin described as an “absolute hero”, adding he was “just brilliant”.

Using his specialist equipment, the tree surgeon got to the top of the tree. At this point, he placed the frightened feline into his rucksack so he would be safe during the decent.

Ms Tanin went on to claim that if Mr Holmes had not provided assistance in the way he did, Percy would not still be alive. The mother added that the person most relieved by the outcome was her 11-year-old son Joshua.

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