New Puppy and Old Cat – How to Get a Puppy and Cat to Get Along?

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New Puppy and Old Cat – How to Get a Puppy and Cat to Get Along?

How do you introduce a new puppy to your cat? When you have a cat in a house and you bring in a puppy in as a new family member, sometimes getting the cat and the puppy getting along is not easy.

Every puppy is different and when it comes to introducing a new puppy to your cat you’ll need to adjust your methods according to puppy’s natural temperament and characteristic traits. Some puppies are naturally more friendly and tolerant to cats while others may view them as something to chase around and terrorize. You must watch your puppy’s natural behavior and interaction with your cat in order to determine the best strategy for helping the two live a peaceable co-existence.

In addition to watching your puppy’s behavior, you should pay attention to how your cat handles the new puppy. Some cats simply don’t want to be bothered with a puppy in the house and you may need to take extra steps to prevent your puppy from becoming too aggressive with your cat. If your cat shows a disinterest in your new puppy then take the time to separate the two until some time passes and your cat naturally begins to accept your puppy’s presence in the home. Those who are crate training their puppy will find they can easily separate the two and introduce them in an easy to handle manner.

There are times when a new puppy and cat instantly get along without any help or assistance from their owners but this is often the rarity and not the rule. Most puppies and cats need some help learning how to get along and to live in harmony. Adult cats are more temperamental and may not appreciate a new puppy coming into the fold. By keeping your puppy in a crate and allowing your adult cat to come and investigate the puppy on his or her own, you can allow the cat the time to realize the new puppy isn’t a threat.
Once the cat and puppy have become familiar through the crate you can begin introducing your cat and puppy in the same room, outside of the crate.

When puppy and cat are first introduced outside of the crate you must make sure that the puppy doesn’t become too excited as this could cause the cat to become defensive and strike at the puppy. Bring the puppy and cat into the same room but ensure that you have treats ready to distract puppy should he or she become too excited. Hold your puppy while letting your cat naturally investigate. If puppy gets hyper or wishes to play with the cat then distract him or her by giving a treat. By doing these types of monitored interactions on a regular basis you can bridge the gap between canine and feline and the two can begin to live in harmony.

Though puppy and cat may begin to accept each other, you’ll need to remain on guard for any behaviors from your puppy that would cause stress and frustration in your cat. Behaviors to watch out for include chasing, your puppy playing to rough with the cat or incessant barking at your cat. If your puppy misbehaves when playing with your cat, separate the two and begin introducing them to one another in a controlled environment again. Should your puppy play to roughly, correct him or her with a firm, “No,” and separate the two. By using this method repeatedly you’ll soon find that your puppy and cat can get along wonderfully.

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