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Hanover, PA (PRWEB) August 21, 2006

Americans purchase puppies from pet stores, dealers, newspaper advertisements and via the Internet by the thousands and never sees the conditions in which the puppies are born. A number of reports, however, have revealed that the conditions can be horrific. Thousands of puppy breeding operations exist across the country. Many of the problems inside these facilities include over breeding, inbreeding, minimal veterinary care, poor quality of food and shelter, lack of socialization with humans, overcrowded cages, and the killing of unwanted animals. All 50 states have anti-cruelty laws that should prevent neglect and mistreatment of dogs Despite repeated violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) many of these operations exist and go unpunished.

On October 14th 2006, Unite Against Puppy Mills (UAPM) is holding a national rally in Lancaster County Central Park, Lancaster Pennsylvania. A very big project, Ruffin’ It… A Day in the Park will be the first of its kind for UAPM! Activities will include contests, games, food, and entertainment. The rally will be from 10am-3pm. The goal of the rally is to bring attention to the national tragedy of wholesale puppy brokeraging and the deplorable conditions and detriment to canine health these puppy mills generate.

We cordially invite you to attend the rally and show your support.

United Against Puppy Mills was founded and organized on March 31, 2005 by residents of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. There are no paid employees and work continues solely through the effort of volunteers. UAPM is an incorporated, federally approved 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

The primary charitable mission of United Against Puppy Mills is to promote awareness and provide training and support for people interested in effecting positive action for the elimination of puppy mills as they currently exist.

Long time dog lover and renowned children’s author, Chris Williams, of “ONE INCREDIBLE DOG” fame will be sponsoring events at the Rally. He has in conjunction with Keene Publishing, of Warwick New York, opened their internet sales of the “One Incredible Dog” series, from now until October 14th 2006 donating 40%.of sales, with the goal to raise $ 100,000 for UAPM.

The reality of the situation is that only public and media pressure can bring about changes to the law and eliminate puppy mills. The national publicity is designed to encourage people across America to help put a stop to puppy mills.

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