We Care

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We Care…

Our gourmet sauces are delicious but our dedication is to the animals and how we need to help them. There are too many bad things that go on in our communities with neglected animals. Our shelters are over crowded and under funded and need our help.

You are guaranteed to enjoy our sauces but the real point here is not about the sauces. It’s about the money it will bring in for the Shelters. For me, “it is all about the Animals”. So even though you will have some tasty sauces to enjoy, please remember it is about raising as much money as possible for the Animals. We intend to do this for a long long time to come.

Please open your heart and not only help us get this off the ground but tell everyone you know about our cause. When we donate to the Animal Shelters and any other worthy animal causes you can know you are part of making a difference.