Hey, Puppy Owners: You Snooze You Lose!

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Do you realize that when your pup was taken from it’s mother and given to you, you assumed 100% responsibility for the animal? You may not look like a mother dog, but you better start acting like one! Fulfilling your role as a responsible leader starts with training in the four basic obedience commands necessary to every civilized dog’s schooling. And no, those commands aren’t “Eat!,” “Sleep!,” “Drool!,” and “Let go of the neighbor’s leg!”

The commands “sit”, “come”, “stay” and “lie down” can be taught by an average dog owner and would not require expert training. With practice and frequent socialization, your little puppy can be groomed into the most behaved dog in the neighborhood.

A Little Hint

Teaching a dog critical lessons, such as not relieving itself in the house, destroying couch cushions or raiding the garbage, to name just a few, leaves precious little time for anything else. How, then, do top trainers find time in their busy lives for it all?

Since puppies have a very short attention span, training should also be brief. Basic commands do not require an hour per lesson, 5 to 10 minutes would be enough.

Put your puppy on a leash, tie the other end to your belt and let it follow you around while you do light housework. This gets the dog in the habit of staying with you without you having to worry about it wandering off into mischief. It also offers an easy opportunity to periodically stop what you’re doing, interact with the pup, and get in some training. Plus, who knows, maybe your dog will learn how to do some of the housework.

Training should be consistent. If you are living with your family, make sure that everyone knows the puppy training guidelines. Mixed signals from different people will confuse your little pooch. The same acceptable behavior and disciplinary measures should be imposed by everyone

But don’t be a nag. Avoid repeating the same command over and over. If you sometimes say something just once but other times repeat the command five times, your young dog will think that you are one confused, insonsistent human. Be willing to wait and allow the puppy to think for itself about what you just asked for. Believe it or not, many puppies can actually think! And, ironically, many humans can not.

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